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Integrating DMP data into Seek

Submitter: Konogan Bourhy

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Comme son nom l'indique, nous allons simplement créer une simple structure/ arbre ISA.

Cell growth underlies many key cellular and developmental processes, yet a limited number of studies have been carried... SEEK ID:

The CeSGO project itself. Software development and dissemination activities. This project will help to gain a better undestanding of the pros and cons of collaborative and scientific data management tools on a bioinformatics facility.

Euryhalin teleosts can live in freshwater as well as in seawater. The success of their survival depends then on their osmotic acclimation capacities. The objective of my work is to describe acclimation processes in the salted water at the rainbow trout by a study coupling functional genomic and genetic approaches. From a first differential gill transcriptomic study, a list of candidates genes was established. This study also allowed to investigate the physiological answer to a hyperosmotic kinetics ...

-Le choix du système d'expression hétérologue ovocytaire a été fait afin de déorphaniser un maximum de récepteurs olfactifs identifiés chez l'adulte et la chenille de Spodoptera littoralis. -Pour réaliser un screening moyen débit un robot de Two Electrode Voltage Clamp est utilisé (HiClamp, MultichanelSystem).

Afin de s'assurer de l'intégrité des plasmides pCS2+ injectés dans les ovocytes nous avons eu recours à un séquençage Sanger.

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Submitter: Olivier Collin

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